Air Liquide to build Japan’s first 24/7 hydrogen station in Motomiya

Air Liquide Motomiya Interchange Hydrogen station

Air Liquide opens a hydrogen station in Handa Kamezaki, Japan

Air Liquide Handa Kamezaki Hydrogen Station

ADVANCE: our new strategic plan for 2025

Air Liquide presents ADVANCE : the new strategic plan for 2025 combining financial and extra-financial performance

Air Liquide strengthens its presence in the Japanese Electronics sector through significant capital investments

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Air Liquide Japan provides various industrial gases in cylinders, bulk supply, on-site supply, pipelines, and other forms of gas supply to a wide variety of industrial sectors, including the automotive, food, pharmaceutical, materials, construction, energy, and advanced technology and research industries, by accurately and promptly identifying customer issues and needs. We offer a wide range of products and innovative technologies. We combine a variety of products and innovative technologies to further contribute to our customers' businesses by streamlining production processes, improving product quality, and reducing CO2 emissions.

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For contributing to the development of the electronics industry, from semiconductors to solar power generation, flat panel displays, etc., we provide a wide variety of high-purity gases used in the electronics field in a safe and stable manner, while always taking the environment into consideration. In addition to supplying high-quality nitrogen gas used in large quantities at semiconductor plants and other facilities through an on-site system, we also provide special material gases and advanced materials (advanced electronic materials) for manufacturing semiconductors.


Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen is a rapidly growing energy source, and Air Liquide Japan has comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of its industrial use, from production and storage to delivery and application technologies.

Air Liquide contributes to the construction of a worldwide network of hydrogen stations, thereby helping the transportation industry to meet the increasing use of hydrogen. Currently, we have designed and installed 120 hydrogen stations. In Japan,  we operate hydrogen stations in Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, and Kyushu. We are actively involved in the establishment of this sector and contribute to the popularization of hydrogen as a clean energy source.



The Air Liquide Group supports 15,000 medical facilities and 1.8 million home patients in 35 countries around the world. We provide a stable supply of oxygen, nitrogen, and other medical gases used in medical facilities, as well as facilities and equipment such as medical gas supply facilities and artificial air supply facilities. For home healthcare, VitalAire Japan provides a variety of respiratory-related medical services, including HOT and CPAP therapy. Air Liquide Japan delivers innovative medical equipment services that meet the needs of customers not only in related businesses but also in healthcare in general.

Plant Engineering

Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Japan has been proposing optimal solutions for safety, quality, and environment for many years by utilizing the expertise and experience of the global Air Liquide Group and the know-how accumulated in Japan to provide air separation equipment and other plants.

Since the acquisition of the German engineering company Lurgi by the Air Liquide Group in 2007, the Group has added its superior technology, which is deployed around the world, to the Group's unique safety and quality management system to provide the highest level of engineering and the latest technology to meet individual customer needs, from project development to after-sales service.


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